Pride in Data

Sahmik was born from a simple question… "How much profit/loss did we make from investing after 5 years of trading?"

The brokerage firms were unable to determine exactly how much was our weighted average cost per share or how much dividends and profits we generated, so we decided to do that for ourselves.

In 2016 we started with a simple spreadsheet calculator, today we are releasing the first of its kind analytical software platform.

We aspire to be the best search engine for financial information, giving investors, analysts, and professionals the ability to answer any financial question quickly and effectively.

Our mission is to provide value through reliable and high-quality financial market data. Powered by this data, we strive to offer simple, functional, and useful products and services to enhance your company's and customers' experience.

We are proud to be based in Qatar and part of the greater middle east's financial community. We believe in improved access to financial data giving everyone the insights and opportunity to participate in the region's continued growth and success.